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    Default "Affiliates" that copy all sentences no copyscape warning

    Check you site regulary in google by selecting just 1 sentence and you will probably find 100's of copies used by hackers in "content pages" on non gambling sites just to redirect to their landingpages. They also interlink these.

    This is just as bad as stealing a full page if you mix sentences stolen from affiliate sites to mask it as unique.

    The problem is if I report this to an affiliate program like Fortune Affiliates they simply do not reply.

    On the other hand I find this remarkable because google is not able to distinguish what is a gambling site or not as in the past they told us only to get links that fit in the same category.

    I never understood why google would not make it mandatory to submit your site to a category and if you did not your site will only rank for the home page keywords.

    In other words if somebody would hack sites for other purposes they would never rank well as the category derived from the host is different.
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