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    Default Are affiliates focusing on a single market niche?

    Hello all,

    As we build the agenda for the coming Affilicon events in Stockholm, Beijing, Mumbai and Berlin I would like to consult with you as per the directions of nowadays affiliates and super affiliates. Will be very glad to hear your comments about the below:

    1. What is the importance of Affiliates Network for your business? Should we make the extra effort and get as many International Affiliates Network to attend, exhibit and present at our events?

    2. Are most affiliates now cover many products in many areas and not just focusing into one market niche? Should we focus into any specific market niche ( such as Forex- which we dedicate a whole session track) in addition tocovering the general market place?

    Looking forward to hearing from you and better serving you.


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    Hey Itay

    I think these are some really good questions to be asking affiliates and to be giving information on.

    Even though I wont be attending, I think it would be a great idea to give affiliates information on targeting a niche. Many affiliates try to do the "jack of all trades" by targeting all and any type of online gaming, which is great if you have a large established site, however for someone just starting out, or for someone who does not have an "older" site, this can be doom. I think by targeting a niche it will make it easier for new affiliates to get into the industry and start making some money, and they just need to be shown how to do it.

    I know that your conferences are targeting affiliates of all industries so I'm not sure how you guys structure your talks... do you do talks targeted to gaming affiliates or are all your talks general? If so I think it would be worth your while, and great for affiliates, if you were to also have some kind of talk about geographical targeting. Since so many programs now are not able to take US players, I think it is essential for affiliates to learn the best way to target new countries/languages/currencies etc etc.

    I think this could also benefit affiliates from other industries looking to get into the online gaming industry.

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