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    Default ALL Affactive Casinos are now BLACKLISTED

    Affactive’s casinos have had a very solid reputation in the industry as of late. A solid reputation for screwing over players and not paying them. To start, their terms for paying players $500 every two weeks on winnings are a joke. On top of that ridiculous term they now claim they don’t even have to pay their players the winnings they owe. I’ll get to those claims in a minute.

    We’ve had numerous complaints on affactive casinos this month and frankly I’m just sick of dealing with them. Clara use to be helpful in the past but not anymore. Not sure she is even still around. If she has any morals or an ounce of dignity she would have left a long time ago.
    Also, for those affiliates who think this is not the place to voice player complaints, let me remind you of the GPWA’s sponsor code of conduct #4 Although sadly the GPWA rarely enforces conduct #4 when it comes to their sponsored programs, it’s still there in writing and it does reference player complaints.

    Below is a complaint that came in yesterday from a player at Casino Macau. Here is the email:

    This casino has refused to pay me my winnings. I started by making huge deposit until I got lucky to win which they were pay $500 every two weeks for the past 8 months. My balance remaining is almost $30k they're requesting me to make deposit. I'll appreciate if this can be looked into as I see this to be a scam. Thanks
    I then asked the player if he could give me more detail on the issue and this is his reply:

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for your response to my complaint. I made several deposit which I lost several times until I was lucky to get a good win of $20k which gradually increases as time went on. As for payment they used delay tactics of $500 every two weeks which has been going on for 8 months only for them to write me early May that I need to increase my activities before payment could be made. I ask what type of activities do you they want as I play everyday but no more deposit since I have money. They openly said I should make deposit before payment could be made which I refused to do. Since I refuse they in turn refuse to pay me.
    I'll really appreciate your help in resolving this or taking them out of the online gaming as things like this discourage others for joining the online gaming. I look forward for a favorable outcome.
    The player also sent me an email from a casino rep “Dan Hawke” telling him that he needs to show more activity as a player and also make a deposit in order to get paid. WTH??? The guy has 30k in his account, plays every day and they want a deposit and more activity before they will pay him a measly $500 every two weeks? And for those of you that don’t want to do the math, that’s an entire 2.5 years for the 30k payout!

    Dear xxxx,
    Thank you for your email.
    Please kindly note that the approval of the withdrawals is also influenced by our players’ activity in our Casino and the exact amount we can approve is decided by the higher management. Increasing your monthly activity includes increasing the time spent in our Casino, your bet amounts, and the frequency of your deposits.
    The rule mentioned above is clearly stated in the Terms and Conditions on our website (28.): “The casino reserves the right to limit cashout amounts of any player at any time at its discretion. Cashout limits will be determined by casino management according to a player’s level and recent account activity.”
    In case you need further assistance regarding how to increase your account activity please contact our 24/7 Customer Support via phone or live chat.
    Kind regards,
    Dan Hawke
    Finance Department
    So basically the casino is telling the player to somehow play more than every day and to make a deposit because 30k is not enough to warrant a payout.

    To all you GPWA members that have affactive casinos listed on your websites… Are these really the casinos you want to send your valued website visitors to? Maybe in the past when they actually cared about their players it was fine but can’t you see they just don’t care about their players anymore? Remember C-Planet? I personally promoted the hell outta Rushmore and Cherry Red just to see all the players get burned in the end and I see the exact same thing happening with affactive’s casinos. I won’t even get into the argument about why the GPWA tolerates them as a sponsor but I think we all know the answer there. Just because they won’t do the right thing and pull their sponsorship doesn’t mean affiliates shouldn’t. I realize everyone has different positioning's on their moral compasses so all I can do is what I’m doing right now. I’ll just continue to do my job as I’ve been doing for over 12 years and that’s to expose these programs and casinos for what they are.
    From now on whenever a complaint comes in I’ll just post it in this forum so all the members here that are still promoting affactive casinos can be reminded of what an injustice they are doing to the online gambling community.

    CS Report

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    They also do appear quite a lot on the hacked websites, so their reputation wasn't that solid in my eyes. Also I noticed quite a lot of player complaints. Good that they're blacklisted now! It's not good to send traffic to this sort of platforms.

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    Add this to the list of threads where AffActive are slow paying players. It's hardly a new story.
    Although the NO payment unless you deposit more does seem to be a new low point.

    I agree that reputable affiliates should not be recommending this operation or sending players to these casinos - but if you've only just banned this group yourself based on a personal handling with a player then let's not get too sanctimonious about the behaviour of other affiliates.

    By publicising this case you help affiliates to understand the situation and decisions to avoid them will be made.

    I would also agree that the GPWA should revisit whether having this brand as a sponsor is appropriate. Sponsorship gives AffActive some sort of correct standing in newbie affiliate eyes - and clearly this organisation is an example of the worst of our industry.

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    You don't win the "Worst Casino of the Year" award multiple times on CasinoMeister for no reason.

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