I was reading about legal gambling online, criminal involvement, criminal people involved in fake operators and i wanted to ask about......

Refering to the gambling industry i wanted to know as a new affiliate, are all this operators that join here offered to us to join their affilaite program, licensed, monitored by GPWA, are they controlled for their activity, or are US who must send problems we might have.

I think we cannot send here the player problems and Terms and Conditions changes, affiliateguarddog do a great job in this section but i just wanted to know, there are real persons who check the renewal of licenses and all other lagal things?

There are alot of offers and alot of programs that want us to join and work with them but i am sceptic, is not that easy to give a warm welcome to everyone, this has not to do with my trust here at GPWA, because i have a great trust but it is this comunity and in the other part are operators, which all pretend they have everything in order.

Me and all of us i think we cant say sure that everything is going well. The peace of mind for me now is GPWA, Affiliateguarddog, Ecogra

Maybe the answer is in my question anyway any comment is welcomed and appreciated Thank you