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    Default Am I elligible to become a member?

    I am not a webmaster of gambling portal. However, I promote casinos. You see, I put my affiliate link in PPC search engine directly.

    I got 1000 traffic per week. Some like desertdollar and alkemize produce a lot of money.

    Am I elligible?

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    Hi GPWA is the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association - our members are all portal webmasters. Our current member criteria states

    You must be the webmaster/owner of a gambling portal and you must be approved by our membership team to gain entry to the 60+ private forums.
    in addition

    1. Your portal must have its own domain, and ALL the site ownership information must match everywhere.
    2. No Free Site portals are accepted for admission to the association.
    3. Your portal must have been up and running for at least 3 months prior to application.
    4. We do not accept portals that mix porn and gambling on the same site.
    5. We do not accept portals that are 1 page "Banner Farms".
    6. We do not accept any members into the association who have connections to the inside operations of casinos.
    7. We do not accept affiliates who run ONLY casino fronts, ie Windows casinos, Casino Affiliate Network, etc.
    8. We take copyright infringement very seriously and if your site is found to be infringing on anyone else's, you will not be accepted for membership.
    From what you have said, it seems unlikely you would be approved for membership at this time. If in the future your situation changes then you are welcome to apply

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