Affilicon Europe, the international affiliates conference and exhibition
is going to be held on October 20-23rd in Berlin, Germany. Affiliates
from all around Europe and especially from central Europe are
expected. Germany and its satellites are considered to be the fastest
online market and some of the local affiliates are among the largest in
the world. Many international affiliates networks and global vendors are
expected too.

This event is positioned as a general purpose event and it is not
biased into any specific market niche. It is our belief that nowadays
affiliates promote any product they see as a potential revenue source
and do not specify at any given product line.

Anyone who thinks globally or located in Europe should seriously considering
being there. International online marketing is a different business than
the local US one. Languages, nationalities, regulations, culture, legal and
other marketing vehicles make this market a unique one.

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We also started with the sales of the Exhibition space and sponsorships.