Mark Mendel, Antigua's attorney in the WTO dispute in the US, tells the Antigua Sun that while the two parties have been in talks, there hasn't been much movement by the US and the two parties are still a long way from reaching a settlement.

“Although there is a willingness to talk, I think we are quite far off from an agreement. If we continue negotiating and discussing, I think it will go on for quite a bit longer,” Mark Mendel, Antigua and Barbuda’s attorney in the dispute told the Antigua Sun yesterday.

Asked whether this means potentially weeks or months of further talks, Mendel declined to put any specific timeframe on the negotiations, or to say what the major sticking points continue to be.

“From our side, we could settle everything in a day. We’ve been very accommodating and willing to talk and compromise,” he said, but added that reaching a settlement that is fair and acceptable to both sides “is proving to be a pretty long task.”
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