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    Default Any gambling in Montreal?

    I prefer the tables in Vegas... But still get drawn into the slot machines. Never hit anything real big. I did manage to dig myself out of a $100 hole I dug last September with back-to-back hits on a penny slot machine winning me $150. I played the $50 back and went home even for the trip.

    No gambling in Montreal, right? What am I going to do with myself?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by matted View Post
    No gambling in Montreal, right? What am I going to do with myself?!
    There is some gambling available there with the Casino de Montréal and also a racetrack, the Hippodrome de Montreal. The casino is fairly large, comparable to some of the big Las Vegas casinos in terms of gaming floor space but taking a quick comparison against some of the big ones the Casino de Montreal is a bit more oriented to machines than to table games. There is more detail at the profile linked to from the casino name above, it includes types of games available, restaurants, amenities, phone number, etc.

    Running it through a directions website it is about 6 km from the conference hotel.

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    But CAC Macau is a whole different story:

    6,000 slots downstairs! See you there

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