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    Default Anyone's commissions disappear from Casino Kingdom/Captain?

    Anyone's commissions disappear from Casino Kingdom/Captain Cooks Casino?

    I have 2 different Affiliate ID's from Casino Kingdom, and after their recent upgrade I noticed that my commissions from both accounts have been wiped out. Around $150 in one account and $180 in the other account.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    These are from a WHILE ago so there is NO WAY they are going to tell me that after around 6 months, 2 different players came back at right around the same time and both won their money back.

    Not sure if they plan to credit me still, I hope so.Hopefully they just have'nt upgraded the previous months balances or something but I e-mailed them several days ago and haven't heard back yet.

    Anyway just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

    Will update everyone with what happens, but if they try to say they don't owe me that money, I am going to FUME.


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    No, that didn't happen to me and I haven't heard it from anyone else.

    Did you go to the "Pre changover" stats that are listed on the Home page for both those casinos? Below the box for signin, is the links to those for both casinos.

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    Default The amount disappeared but the money showed up

    Seems to me that they just did not transfer the balances to the new system.

    But, most importantly they still have a record of it.

    I DID get paid for the prior amount.

    No need to worry.

    PS. It looks like a nicer system to me

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