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    Lightbulb APCW videos now hosted on the APCW website

    Since the very beginning (way back in 2006) APCW videos have been hosted on YouTube. It's been a mixed blessing. Between our promotion efforts, and the YouTube platform, APCW videos have literally been watched millions of times. But over the years YouTube has become an increasingly unfriendly place for videos related to the gaming industry. We have had videos removed, and several years ago we had an entire APCW YouTube channel shut down. More recently there has been an increase in infractions and individual videos being taken down.

    This is a topic that has been discussed a number of times in the GPWA forums. Here are a couple of threads this past year on YouTube from an affiliate perspective:

    While we plan to continue to post Perspectives Weekly videos on YouTube, we are in the midst of making all APCW videos available directly on the website and now view the APCW website as their official home. That way if YouTube takes down individual videos or even an entire channel, it will no longer disrupt access to the videos.

    For webmasters that are partners with the APCW the transition is seamless. The embed code we provided to partners to show the current video on their site never directly referenced our YouTube channel - it used a javascript file residing on the APCW website. We've modified the javascript file so APCW videos are now served directly from the APCW website rather than from YouTube. If you are interested in becoming an APCW partner with a link to your site featured on the APCW partner page, you can find out more here: Become an APCW Web Partner.

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