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    Default April 2010 - Newsletter

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    We are proud to announce that our highly anticipated latest and best version of Star Partner to date, Star Partner 2-Aurora, has finally been launched on our site –after many hours of thorough research, development, testing and all-round hard work! Star Partner 2-Aurora has been re-imagined, re-invented and re-designed with new functionalities, new reports, even more creative materials and a streamlined new look! We are happy to introduce to you just a few elements of the many different and exciting new features that will now be available to you on this new and improved Star Partner platform:

    1. Streamlined and Hassle-Free One Page Registration:

      We have now removed all the unnecessary and cumbersome aspects of the registration process, and retained only the information fields which are the most important to us and our registering affiliates, making for a much quicker, easier, and straightforward registration process, and thus creating a much more pleasant and user-friendly experience for affiliates from the very beginning.
    2. In-Depth Reporting:

      As an affiliate, you will be provided with an extensive array of reports concerning the performance of your account. This will give you a higher level of control and organization, in terms of allowing you a more in-depth ability to track your account performance, traffic rates and conversion levels. These reports include:

      A personalized Dash Board, which appears the moment you log on to Star Partner, and displays all the relevant statistics of the performance of your account for the current month;

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      Commission and Quarantine reports, extensive reports which aid you in defining your bottom-line;

      Campaign and Traffic Reports detail the sources of your highest traffic levels;

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      Player Reports, which report on the more specific details concerning your players, such as their countries of origin.

      2nd Tier Reports, which provide you with more information concerning your sub-affiliates than ever before.
    3. Performance Metrics

      Reading Reports at a Glance: Star Partner 2 now provides you with easy and convenient formats which let you gauge your performance at a glance! You can view your reports via a number of different 2D and 3D chart models, such as Pie and Funnel Charts. All you have to do is select the chart option appearing under any one of your reports.

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    4. Retrieve Marketing Material with ease:

      The moment you decide to update either your Brand of Choice or your Type of Medium, a newly designed menu function will automatically populate and update itself with the latest relevant materials available on the Star Partner database.

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    5. Brand New Marketing Material

      We have added a slew of your most requested creatives and marketing materials for your convenience, including:

      • Additional tickers concerning Progressive Jackpots
      • XML feeds for Slots tournaments and Poker
      • More reviews that auto-populate your links …and a whole lot more on the way!
    6. Additional Multi-Language Support The Release of Starpartner 2-Aurora has been coincided with the release of 9 additional languages that are now supported on Star Partner. These are:

      • German
      • French
      • Italian
      • Russian
      • Greek
      • Spanish
      • Dutch
      • Swedish
      • Japanese

    In Other News…

    May is simply packed with incredible and innovative new developments that are sure to push up your hit count, so make sure to get your players in on the action! We have some amazing tournaments, events and brand new games coming up for the enjoyment of both our affiliates and their players.

    • Get Ready for the May Day 10K Tourney!

    Vegas Partner Lounge is launching an exciting new May Day 10K Video Slots Tournament on its casinos, featuring the action-packed slots title Lara Craft: Tomb Raider and a lucrative prize pool whereby players stand the chance of winning their share of $10,000! Entrance to the tournament is ABSOLUTELY FREE –so don’t hesitate to spread the message to your players and watch your traffic rates soar! Registration opens on 18 April at 19H00 GMT and closes on 2 May at 22H00 GMT – so don’t be late! Come get in on the action! For more information on payment structures and tournament schedules,
    click here to visit the Vegas Partner Lounge promotions page.

    • 3 New Games on Viper and Flash

    Our client websites are launching four electrifying new games, three of which are brand new on the Viper and Flash platforms, and one game which is being re-launched onto the Flash platform. These are:
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="300"> <tbody><tr> <th scope="col"></th> </tr> </tbody></table> Thunderstruck II (Viper and Flash): The sequel to an enormously popular title based on ancient Norse mythology, Thunderstruck II features 5 reels, 243 winning combinations, and three multi-level bonus rounds which are activated by up to 20 Bonus triggers, with each bonus level playing like a mini-PC game with the twist of being packed with free spins and multiplier bonus awards on payline wins!
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="300"> <tbody><tr> <th scope="col"></th> </tr> </tbody></table> Lady in Red (Viper and Flash): This game transports players to a jazzy nightclub highlife with 5 reels, 25 paylines, and 10 coins per line, offering players numerous Free Spins and Multiplier Award opportunities.
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="300"> <tbody><tr> <th scope="col"></th> </tr> </tbody></table> Queen of the Jungle (Viper and Flash): Explore the depths of the African Jungle with 5 reels, 9 paylines and up to 20 coins per payline, and stand the chance to score Free Spins, Multipliers and bonus awards in Second-Screen Bonus Feature.
    • Prague iGaming Super Show

    With all of us having Amsterdam nicely tucked under our belts we looking ahead to the Super show in Prague. Star Partner will be attending, and for those of you that are going, we would love to see you there and catch up on the latest developments of your accounts, discuss your business needs and see how we can work together in achieving and maintaining your income in a sustainable way at Star Partner. It’s just one of the little ways that we like to re-emphasize our philosophy of “Rewarding Partnerships”.

    Please Note: Beware of Phishing and Online Scams!

    Please note that under no circumstances does Star Partner request affiliates to update their information or access their accounts via a web form. As per our standard security procedures, we will ALWAYS request that affiliates go directly to the Star Partner website and proceed from there. Should you receive emails of this nature please review the links very carefully before proceeding and send us a copy of suspicious emails of this kind immediately.

    Wishing you an exciting and prosperous month of May!

    Kind Regards,

    The Star Partner Team

    For more information, click here to visit
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