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    Default Argentina online gambling ban in the works

    Argetina has legislation in the works that would ban online gambling.

    If the bill is passed into law, it would mean that all telecommunications operators would have to block access to all sites that offer any form of gambling. Any operator that doesn't block access or tries to circumvent the bill will receive a penalty equal to ten or twenty times the amount of bets received in the region of Buenos Aires.

    Deputy Liliana Piani, the politician behind the bill, argued that banning forms of remote gambling is essential so that the state can have full control over gambling activities. Piana was quoted as saying that this was to prevent "certain fundamental values from being endangered," such as "public health, public order and the protection of minors."
    Full story here ...

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    With the stock markets dropping like a rock worldwide, stock players only have one place to gamble.

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