The province of Corrientes in Argentina has published regulations for online gambling in the province that will allow for online casino and bingo, as well as multiple forms of betting, as well as sports virtual sports and horse racing, but not politics.

The Corrientes Lottery and Casino Institute (ILCC) will handle operator licensing and enforcement. Advertising must not be aimed at minors or be “abusive, deceptive or unfair.”

From Games Magazine Brasil:

The controller of the Corrientes Lottery and Casino Institute (ILCC), Leandro Enrique Alciati, approved specific regulations regarding the online modality of gambling in that province of Argentina. Through a publication in the Official Gazette of Corrientes, the ILCC analyzes and approves three aspects: the online gambling regulations, the basic betting regulations, and the technical regulations for online gambling.

The decision is based on the fact that in recent years there has been a large increase in bets made through the use of the internet (on cell phones, digital tablets or other devices).

In accordance with what was presented in Resolution No. 0615-I, the increasingly powerful connectivity schemes transformed the system of commercialization and exploitation of gambling and requires the redefinition of actions by the enforcement agency, for their regulation and oversight.

In this way, through this resolution the ILCC seeks to guarantee the protection of public order, eradicate illegal gambling and safeguard the rights of the participants of the games.
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