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    all in all its only logical that this business has become a business with huge companies involved who act like standard companies in other markets. Still, its kind of a bad feeling for the one and only reason that actually almost any casino/sportsbetting affiliate sites "acts" as if its there for the good of the players... And exactly this being the problem here. Other than hat, I have to admit that those big companies are producing some nice and fancy sites with huge loads of content a regular affiliate in no way can create. Speaking about the German market for example, while back in the day you saw lots of sites run by different webmasters, if you google now, you will see that 90% of the sites are controlled by big companies who just create one site after another. sorry if that was offtopic...

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    It's a nice discussion in my opinion.

    And yes, it's nothing but logical that bigger companies have appeared in this market. Must say I agree with you here. Like the CEO of Catena has said, it's like the fast food market. That's taken over for a big part by companies like Burger King and McDonald's, but there's still room for the guys around the corner that are making a good burger. Most people will go to McDonald's, some to a guy around the corner. McDonald's has big overhead costs, the guy around the corner doesn't have.

    But yes, people fishing in the same pond as them might have to go some day to a fishmonger for fresh fish.

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    Update to this thread. Last week I entered discussions with Ask Gamblers / Catena Media. As of Friday, due to the information I have provided them with and further investigations they undertook themselves, they have terminated all promotion of AffPower and their associated casino brands.

    Many thanks guys!
    Exit stage left

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