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    Default Attention all Affs: please read, this concerns you!

    Hi all and thank you for coming in.

    If it hasn't already been cemented ... very soon it will become apparent that Vegas Affiliates will indeed change their terms to be retro'd in with an undisclosed quota number (per month) and those that don't meet their quota will be cut back to 10% commissions on residuals and then deleted completely when on year's time is up.

    PLease Hear Me Out.

    There will be those who are uneffected financially by the VA move due to either never having worked with this company or perhaps you're mainly getting Euro traffic and that you have no trouble meeting any quota.

    Congrats on that but .... where is the guarantee that if/when MGS decides to not accept new players any longer from your chosen targeted region of the world ... that VA won't turn around do the same thing to you they did to those who were heavily into the USA market?

    There is none. In fact its much more likely to be safe bet to guarantee you WILL be treated like the current affs (with USA traffic).

    No matter which category you fall ... this concerns you!


    We should have set an extremely ugly example with Grand Prive and while there was support ... ask yourself did participate? To what extent?

    Folks what is needed in these situations is an all-out, collective aff effort to burn down the offenders.

    Before I go any further please know I am speaking to myself as much as you. Yes I created blacklist pages, I linked to like-minded peer's pages.

    What I didn't do ... what most of us didn't do ... is to run some front page, center square articles about the unscrupulous actions that have taken place complete with a warning at the beginning and ending of the article that says to players "We fear you're next!". If you continue playing at this place.


    I am pleading to your common sense side that we ALL need to step up and stay concentrated on the task at hand until we burn down the enemy. Make no mistake ... a place that honors a contract only as long as it benefits them ... is your enemy and everybody else's.

    I SO very wish I could repeat what an inside source has provided me but as important as I think it is you should hear this ... all anybody has in this world is their word and I gave mine so you're just going to have to take my word for it that affs who are heavy with USA players (even if they play consistently to this day) ... You Sir, Madam, are not appreciated nor wanted any more by VA.

    This will become apparent in coming near future if not already.


    Please join the fight. Get your blacklisted pages ready because based not only on what my source told me but the facts as they lie in front of any one of us ... VA is going ahead. They will not see the light.

    If we don't do a proper job this time ... who's the next program to follow suit? Perhaps your best income provider?

    Help the community, help yourself. Participate with a passion.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Quotas are for the birds - holding due affiliates commissions for ransom if you will; and even confiscation of them in their entirety. Seriously thats a down right sickening thought!

    If we signed up for life-time share plans - that's what we should get - nothing less! Even if we never again send another single player, the program is better off as a result of all those that were sent and who have remained active. Why should they be permitted to discontinue that agreed upon deal to share in those active players?

    If the program continues to profit off of those historical players they should be obligated to honor contractual agreements. They should not be permitted to create new ' retroactive' agreements because THEY or the affiliate PARTNER aren't as busy as they once were!

    If they go forward with this, blacklisting them would be too kind!

    I'm pretty certain the online community will not tolerate retroactive terms - hopefully they will all stand as one to fight any such instance.

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    Smile Not Good

    Realistically they would be committing internet suicide, they do this i wont even bother joining there program.

    Cut back our commissions, We will cut your banners.

    It is us the affiliate that pay's there wages, Or have they forgotten that? If our commissions get cut to 10%, I think only 10% of there ad's should be shown.

    I will not waist my time advertising a casino for less than 25% period!!!
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