I am a retired casino affiliate that was thinking about starting a new site, so I did. I enjoy planning websites and creating the "foundation". I do this is as a hobby and not so much for business since I have putted my effort else where. So this year I started to make website.

The site has over 500 slots via VegasHero, where probably 30 - 50 has a review. I have also produced content. The domain is a good "pokie" version that I snapped on Godaddy. In terms of ranking, I have only had it "maintenance" because I normally dont launch anything before I consider my self finished with the site.

Since I have no intention to actually keep this site and maintain it, I am looking for a person/company to buy it off from my shoulders. With some SEO-efforts I am sure you can squeeze money from it pretty fast.

If you are interested, send me a PM. I can not respond directly because I dont have enough posts here, but if you include your email I will send you the link asap.

When it comes to price I am flexible.