The Balkan countries of Eastern Europe have opened up their markets for online gambling, and a recent report released by the Media & Entertainment Consulting Network has analyzed the region:

From Gambling911:

The Balkan gambling markets (Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, and Bulgaria) already have a remarkable market size, and most experts confirm that the Balkan markets have a great growth potential in the coming years:

Total gambling market of Euro 4.5 billion - In 2007 the total gross revenue (after payout of prizes) of the Balkan gambling market was ca. Euro 4.5 billion according to MECN's latest study about the region; the figure for turnover/wagers came to ca. Euro 25 billion.

These figures include only gambling operations with local licenses. If the business of foreign online gambling operators were included, the overall market size would exceed Euro 5 billion.

Great growth potential - More than 60% of the experts surveyed by MECN believe that the growth potential of the Balkan gambling market is great or even very great. Hardly any market insiders (only 3% all surveyed experts) believe the market has only a small growth potential.