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    Default BBC runs piece on Chinese cheating scandal

    The BBC has published an article and a podcast on the Chinese cheating scandal at PokerStars. And wouldn't you know it, our own Aaron Todd (snooptodd) is featured in both.

    From the BBC:

    Poker experts and journalists say that security standards have improved as the industry has moved into the mainstream.

    "There are varying degrees to which collusion happens but it is pretty easy to figure out when it's going on, and it's not extremely common," says Aaron Todd, senior editor of the Casino City Times website.

    "The vast majority of games, at least 95% and probably more, are completely above board."

    "Cheating can happen in live poker, too, but the one advantage that you have if you play online is that the sites keep track of every single poker hand played, so it's easy to go back and investigate."
    Here is a link to the podcast (Aaron comes in around the 15:45 mark):

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    Well, cheating is very likely to happen, especially when it comes to gambling. Glad that PokerStars refunded some amount to Mr. Broadbent, and "the accounts involved were frozen quickly".

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