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    Default Belgium mulls over tighter gambling restrictions

    The Belgian parliament is currently reviewing two bills that would impose further restrictions on the country's gambling industry.

    The country is considered to be one of the most tightly regulated in regards to the betting industry. However, some claim there could be further safeguards in place.

    Both bills were introduced in the last couple of months by the Christian Democratic and Flemish Party and Justice Minister Koen Geens.


    Back in June when the bills were announced, Belgian Member of Parliament Peter De Decker welcomed the new proposals, saying: "For tobacco advertising there are already strict rules, and there are ethical standards around alcohol. So something had to happen around gambling.

    “We must not be blind to the fact that more is being cast or for the misery that causes it to people who are hard at all."
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    A good thing. All those gambling ads on tv are annoying. It are simply too much. It's like your watching gambling ads on tv and between them parts of a movie are interrupting.

    Also many of those ads are simply misleading and targeting people that weren't looking for gambling information at all.

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