Okay, this story wins Buzzy's "Story of the Week" award ...

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Jose Canseco was one of the celebrities that was signed up to play in the WPT's Bay 101 Shooting Stars event, but bailed.

When asked where he was tournament director Matt Savage had this to say ...

“There’s a ladies tournament on Sunday. He’s become famous for playing in ladies tournaments, so maybe he’s doing that.”

The ladies tournament is also in at Bay 101. Will Josie be there? Have the steroids messed with his testosterone levels that dramatically?

California’s anti-discrimination laws have become very clear on this point in the past year: Men can play in ladies-only events if they choose. So Canseco has become a pioneer of sorts. He’s the Michelle Wie of the women’s poker circuit — competing and not competing very well, but competing, by gum!

And if he gets to cop a feel under the table? Well, that’s just pure bonus.