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    Cool Best conferences in the world?

    Hi ..

    I've heard there are a lot of good affiliate conferences in the world !

    I have heard really good about those in London and Thailand..

    Does someone have recommendations?

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    Quite a long time ago, the LAC conference in London or Barcelona were by far the best. But I am talking around 2012, something like that. It does depend how you are defining "good" though. For entertainment, free stuff, good parties, interesting people and interesting stands, then they were very very good.

    I am not so sure about more recently and as of today they all appear to be "virtual" anyway, so their claimed location is irrelevant if YOU are at home.

    I am not not sure who told you Thailand has a good affiliate conference, it would not be a gambling one because that would be illegal! If you have any details of one could you please let us know the details, I would like to know more. Thanks.

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    LAC seems to have gone mediocre at best, I don't believe it has an edge over other conferences these days. The next conference I'd be willing to attend is Sigma at Malta. Although I'd recommend keeping a close eye on your wallet when at the conference, considering you will be mingling with plenty of thieves.

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