We are pleased to announce the upgraded changes to bet365 poker room enhancing your player’s experience.

bet365.com leads the way on iPoker

bet365 is delighted to announce the launch of the latest version of their poker game client – one of the first rooms on the iPoker Network to have the new features. This new version of the software sees a large number of upgrades and improvements including resizable tables, updated seat selection, a brand new game: Razz and more.

Poker at bet365 is also running 4x $1000 Freerolls (1 Merit Point Buy-In) at the same time on 15th January at 19:30 to try out the new software, resizable tables and tile function.

Main Features

· New and enhanced table look
· Individually resizable tables to allow players to adjust the table sizes however they wish.
· Table Tiling Function for up to four tables. When a player opens up to four tables, the Table Tiling button will fit these four tables exactly into the players PC screen.
· Players will now be able to sit in their favourite position at the table irrespective of whether the seat is available when they join the table.

Extra Features

· Razz - Razz has now been introduced to the bet365 tables. A favourite with stud players this game is a variation of 7 card stud where the primary difference is that the lowest hand wins rather than the highest.
· Faster play – Streamlined table play features to cut down waiting and speed up play.
· Improved Favourites Section – The Favourites function has been enhanced to allow you to store all your favourite cash tables and tournaments in an easily accessible area with a calendar view option.
· Improved Slider/betting options – A response to player feedback an improved Betting Slider facility so that players can easily bet a higher percentage of the pot.
· Observer Chat – Players can now ‘rail’ a table using the chat function without having to be sat at the table.

For more information on the new features visit this page. Feel free to place the below press release on your website to make your members aware of the enhanced changes to bet365 poker.

bet365 Announces New Software Upgrades Including Resizable Tables

Gibraltar, 8th January – bet365 poker announced a new version of their already highly acclaimed poker software. This upgrade makes bet365 among the first iPoker rooms to feature Resizable Tables, Seat Selection and Razz.

The new software has come as a direct response to player feedback and introduces a number of features designed to enhance play experience. On top of significant improvements to the graphical display, the new version will see an overall increase in game speed, a new Favourites system allowing players to quickly find their choice tables, a popular new game variant - Razz, seat selection and to the joy of many bet365’s devoted players the introduction of resizable tables.

bet365 Managing Director of Gaming Steve Ibberson commented, “The new features are excellent and will put bet365 firmly in front of the competition. We have listened to our customers and produced software of the highest standard creating an interface to compliment the superb liquidity on the iPoker network and bet365’s unsurpassed customer service”

To celebrate the new software and to demonstrate its potential bet365 will run four free to enter tournaments, each paying out $1000 and all running at the same time so players will be able to test out the resizable tables by downloading the software and registering for the tournaments.

bet365 are one of the world’s leading online gambling groups with over 3 million customers in 200 different countries. The Group employs over 900 people and is the UK’s 7th largest private company.

If you have any further questions for me or any of the team at bet365 then feel free to email me.