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    Default Bet365 gives all players & affiliates' personal data to authorities.

    A recent situation happen in Romania (discussed a bit also here) should makes us all worry on how our personal data (be it a player or an affiliate) is managed by the bookies. In this case: bet365.

    Short story:

    Romanian gambling market gets regulated, only licensed online bookies will be allowed. The rest will go on the blacklist. Apparently the Romanian Regulator (ONJN) start to apply the new law from 10 September 2015. Up until then only 5 companies got the licence.

    Bet365 announces players & affiliates that they are in the process of obtaining the licence and actually on 2 October 2015 it appears on their website that they have the licence given by decision no. 2168/ 7 September 2015.

    Two weeks later, on 14 October 2015, ONJN withdraws their licence, claiming that their licence started on 1 October 2015 and they illegally allowed Romanian players to play on their platform between 10-30 September 2015. Bet365 announce that they will challenge that to court. (so we'll see who was right in 2 years)


    Somehow bet365 (there is at least one more company that did the same, but I don't know who) has given to ONJN all players data (and amounts) that wagered (or that were just registered?) between 10-30 Sept 2015.

    So ONJN announced that they have the data of 50 000 people that bet illegally in that period, so they are are starting fining them with 1100 - 2200 euros. First fines have already been issued. (see details only in Romanian). More people claim that they have been called by the authority to go to be fined.

    As bet365 allows to withdraw your affiliate winnings only to your betting account, they probably also passed that data to ONJN.

    We are not entirely sure if bet365 have also gave the specific data of affiliates that send Romanian traffic to their website on that period. If they did, then you (or we) might be liable for a 10000 euros fine. (although I have no idea how the authority could enforce it outside the national territory).


    Although the Romanian authorities have their share of craziness & stupidity, we can't stop wonder how could bet365 give personal data and put people at risk so easily.

    You may imagine that at this point all players and affiliates are shocked. I wonder if bet365 (even if they get the licence back) will have any kind of future on this market.

    We also wonder how to trust the bookies that are putting profit ahead of protection of their own clients and partners data. Especially that this was a bookie with quite a good reputation. So far.

    So beware if you hear of any kind of national regulation, the companies might decide to leak you data in hope for a quick and easy share on the market.
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    BetClic did the same in the past in Belgium, but paid the fines of their players to the Gaming Authority over there. In this case: Bet 365 wants to have a license and they don't care if they have to give your details for that. On the other side, it's here about something illegale. How crazy, stupid or screwed up a law may be, in the end it's about something illegal here. A big misunderstanding is that all gambling companies care about your privacy. They don't. Just like any other company like for example Facebook or Google they usually just care about their own wallet. Usually there's also nothing wrong with that, but it's an important point to realize.

    But... first of all, the question is of Bet365 was forced to give your details or they gave them to please the authorities. In the first case, I guess they were right. In the second case, conclusion is your details are not safe at Bet365.

    Bet365 is gone in Romania. They will get their license back if they win in court, which will take some years. If they win... That's not sure. If you're having a license since 1 october, you're allowed to offer online bets since that date. Not earlier.
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    From what I know bet365 and Partypoker has given to ONJN all Romanian players data.

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    Hm, interesting... I take it as huge scam from such bookies, as they love the customers while they are depositing, but screw them up like this ? Any news on this ?

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