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    Default Betcha you can't run an Internet gambling site in the U.S.!

    Anyone else see a story a few weeks ago about a site called "" The site allowed users to make bets with other users, but you had to then say it was okay to pay the person once you lost.

    Other users would then rate you as reliable (if you paid) or unreliable (if you didn't). You basically built up a credit rating based on other users feedback. If you had a high rating, people would be more likely to accept your bets. If it was low, they would be more likely to pass on your bets.

    The founders said that the site wasn't a gambling site, because users had the ability to welch. Washington state officials apparently disagree. State officials with search warrants raided the offices and confiscated computer equipment.

    Complete story here, along with a sprinkling of the story about the Washington lawyer who is challenging the state's law that makes Internet gambling a felony for the player.

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    its a great concept i think. my brother proposed the idea to me years ago but i told him that we live in the us and could not run such a gambling site. i guess these guys thought differently...
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