Anyone thats recieved this email struggling to update the link because its not on the affiliate system?

Hopefully they will update the systems so that we can actually update this. This is one main issue for affiliates when systems are not updated then we are blamed for promoting out of date offers.

We have updated our Betfair Bingo offer.
As of this Friday, the 29th of September, our Bet10Get50Bonus offer for Betfair Bingo shall be obsolete.
As a result, our only Betfair Bingo offer will be the Bet5Get25Bonus offer!
Here is the landing page for this offer
The Media ID in question for this offer is Media ID 9978
This Betfair Bingo offer Bet5Get25Bonus will be the only Betfair Bingo offer available, please remove all content referring to the Bet10Get50bonus offer.
Could you update all the relevant content to reflect the only offer we have live in terms of Headlines, T&Cs, etc.
The affiliate link for this offer is available in the media gallery under Media ID 9978
Please see full terms and conditions for this offer here