They initially told me they will not pay me anymore, but then somehow they sent me a payment. The payments does not make any sense, is smaller than what they owe, but bigger than any month.

For some unknown reason they put to the wire just my email instead of my company and address. It was probably too boring to do it all the time the same. They were paying me like 2 years correctly, now they have changed it. (It is worth of saying this happens to me more and more that some program suddenly changes my name for payout, or fills there some obvious nonsense even when I filled it correctly and payments were ok). The bank of course returned the payment.

I think they must now accept just retarded people to do those jobs.

Anyone has please contact to financial department of Betfair, now probably RetardedPower? (My AM is an idiot and also probably more people [unreal nicknames I guess], so it is useless to try to contact him/them.)

Thank you.