The biggest sports betting day of the year is the Super Bowl, and with the advent of the Internet you can now bet on more than just the point spread. BetUS has posted thousands of proposition bets on its website and one of the most popular ones is how long Jennifer Hudson will sing the national anthem.

From Gambling911: has posted odds on the Over/Under length of the national anthem with the Under 2 minutes, 3 seconds the favorite and the Over that time paying a few cents better than even odds.
It will be Hudson's first appearance since the murder of her mother, brother and nephew back in October.

"I think in other years and depending on the performer - say someone like Beyonce - we might see bets offered on whether the person forgets the words," commented Payton O'Brien of "The online gambling sites will be very sensitive when it comes to Ms. Hudson. This is going to be an especially inspiring and moving moment."
Buzzy fondly remembers winning $20 by betting the under on Billy Joel's national anthem at Super Bowl XLI. YouTube research by Gambling911 found multiple videos of Hudson singing the anthem, with the average time just over two minutes.