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    Default beware oxnardts traders and affiliates

    Dear fellow binary options affiliates,

    One of my closest friends opened an account with Oxnardts, deposited 1000 of his hard earned money (he cold calls clients for a telemarketing company for around 8 an hour) and went trading. As he is strict Islamitic he trades on a swap free account and trades vietually only with no-risk after extensive review of a pattern or stock. He did bloody good. He was right on oil, Right on the dollar in december and right on DAX30 jan futures. He only trades with 50:1 leverage and managed to go from 1000 to 9000 in one month, thats what I call a good trader! As he wants a house, settle and marry he wanted to withdraw 5000 on 23 december 2014. Even continue trading with 4000 at Oxnardts. For over a period of 3 weeks they did not pay him out anything. As he knows I have a forex and binary portal, he asked me to check if he was trading at a scam broker, even offering me money for a succesful cashout. I said I dont want money from friends and did it for free. Ok, the Oxnardts website says based on a post office adress in the UK to seem legit. However the companies bankaccount is in Cyprus and they are operating from Tirania, Albania (I started a chat via live chat and I can see where and whom I chatting with). Also the Oxnardts facebook page is very minimal and copies content from dailyfx. I can honestly say Oxnardts is a scambroker set up to rig peoples money, when you call them they dont speak english very well and onky know how to tell you to deposit or use the website trading features. Any withdrawal or legal questions cannot be answered as the right person is never in the building. I would like to know if there are more victims of this brand and their stories.

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