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    Quote Originally Posted by nwalker View Post
    My Bank - HSBC, sent me a letter just before xmas, saying that i had to provide information on where the money in my Business Bank Account came from. If I didn't comply they would close my account on the 1st Feb and return my balance to me.
    KYC on bank customers is usual practice (in most countries) these days.
    Anyone paying into their account, or receiving funds (from another party) into said account, is required to perform KYC.

    Further to this, a bank may also request from the account holder, proof of earnings. As nwalker describes above.

    Least your bank would return the 'money' to you, if you didn't comply. If you don't comply with an affiliate program's KYC request, they close your account, confiscate your earnings, and keep your referred players (most are a law unto themselves).

    It's ironic really, given, on one hand, they seek to comply with legalities, yet on the other, are all too willing to commit theft
    Compliance: a code word for control

    Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. It's called integrity.

    It's your right to be treated honestly: fairness for all igaming affiliates -

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    I guess they should have used the word 'freeze' or 'hold' instead of seize and then it would have been okay.
    Also, 7 days seems to be not enough, what if a person is on holiday/unavailable? It is an email, not a phone call.

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    Our commissions was silently adjusted (retroactively) AGAIN. If there's any question on whether this whole thing was a legit request or an excuse for a cash grab, my mind is made up as to which it was.

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