Good day, and Happy Mother’s Day!

There is something a little special happening this week, known as the Bitcoin Halving, and we’re celebrating this event at with a special player offer that you may want to share!

Information can be found at this link -

To summarize, all players using bitcoin from today until the 15th will receive 50% (half!) of any losses back from that deposit should they be unlucky. Note that the full amount of cashback they receive will be paid directly into their player accounts on May 16th and the total amount they may receive is based on their player tier.

What is Bitcoin Halving?

New Bitcoins are issued on the network every 10 minutes.
At the first four years since Bitcoin was invented (2006), there were 50 new Bitcoins issued every 10 minutes.
Once every four years, this number is cut in half and this day when it happens is called "Bitcoin Halving Day"
In 2012, these 50 new Bitcoin every 10 minutes cut in half and became 25 Bitcoins only
In 2016, these 25 dropped to 12.5 per 10 minutes and this May (Around the 12th) it will drop to 6.25 Bitcoins every 10 minutes only.
If you have traffic using bitcoin, let them know!

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