I won 4 bitcoins At bitstarz casino and was denied the money I won and the deposit even taken from me. The reason I was told was putting false info on my account at first. My issue is this when u sign up as a player depositing bitcoin you only need to provide a valid email address to withdraw and sign up the profile information including name can be left blank even. Because it's supposed to be anonomys with bitcoin. Now all I did was put a user name in the name section thinking it's anonomys anyways if you withdraw but when you guys asked me for documents I provided everything you asked and told you before hand That username is the name on profile. Now they have said I had multiple accounts now too. If that is so I don't know about this there are other people that live here too. But I never opened accounts to abuse any bonus I don't believe I used a deposit bonus ever and I know I didn't use one when I won. And if there were other accounts coming from here you would have surely detected this during the eight months I have been playing here but you said nothing and took many deposits. As a matter of fact you guys send me weekly emails to come play on your site and I do and I deposit money there but then this whole time I never had a chance to cashout because u would confiscate it if it was a big win. You could prevent that from happening like other sites do but that wouldn't be to your advantage when you could just keep taking money and never have to pay if it's big.