How Many Countries Will Follow Trend in the Restrictions?

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by , 8 July 2020 at 7:32 am (272 Views)
Nationwide lockdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic forced people across the world to give up some of their favorite activities and hobbies for the unforeseeable future. Fortunately, people who regularly visited land-based casinos were able to seek entertainment elsewhere.

Online casino sites became immensely popular during the lockdown, which gave government officials a brand-new set of concerns. Keeping people at home helped to protect them from the coronavirus, but it took a toll on their emotional well-being. As part of a continued effort to protect their citizens from a long list of potential physical and emotional threats, many countries began issuing restrictions, including restrictions on online gambling at casinos like SkyCity (online casino nz).

However, one country in particular decided not to follow the trend and instead lifted restrictions, potentially putting its citizens at risk all over again. Continue reading to learn more about how countries across the globe are following restriction trends.

After noticing an increased interest in online gambling, the Spanish government’s Council of Ministers took the advice of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and issued restrictions on online gambling advertisements. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs recommended that the government prohibit online gambling advertising for the duration of the nation’s lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic “to prevent bookmakers from doing business with people’s concern and anxiety.”

The order was issued in an effort to avoid taking advantage of problem gamblers during the pandemic, the order was issued. According to Spanish government official Pablo Iglesias, the decision was made “in a context of confinement that makes it even more necessary” to protect problem gamblers.

According to Spanish media, the government of Spain was urged to take action after numerous reports from problem gambling group that there had been a significant increase in calls from addicted gamblers since the lockdown was imposed.

Additionally, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) gambling regulator allegedly discovered that the shutdown of sporting events on which bets are typically placed hadn’t led to a significant decrease in online gambling. Instead, bettors are focusing on other gambling opportunities like online casino games.

The new restrictions apply to all media, including television, radio, and online and state that during the hours of 1am-5am, in addition to the restrictions already in place, advertisements cannot appeal to player boredom as a way to urge them to place bets online or offer any bonuses. However, bonus offers will still be allowed to be displayed directly on the gambling websites.

Sweden is another country to announce restrictions on online gambling. Despite avoiding a complete lockdown, the country has seen an increased interest in online gambling as many businesses shut down, thousands of workers were sent home, and hundreds of thousands of people found themselves spending much more time at home. Sweden announced that it would introduce restrictions on gambling in online casinos for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.

Because most sports have been shut down during the pandemic, more Swedes have turned to online entertainment in the form on online slot machines and casino games. As a response, the government announced a plan to limit the amount gamblers can transfer into online casino accounts to 5,000 Swedish crowns a week. They would impose a similar limit on losses on online slot machines.

According to Social Security Minister Ardalan Shekarabi, “Isolated individuals, with major worries about their jobs and finances represent a dangerously fertile nursery for an increase in gambling problems.”

The new rules also require players to set a time limit for their online gambling activities and online casino bonuses would be limited to 100 crowns. Swedish authorities were also given additional tools to prohibit unlicensed gambling sites. These restrictions were set in place on June 1 and last until the end of 2020.

New Zealand
If you are at all concerned about exposure to COVID-19, you should think twice before returning to your favorite casino in New Zealand. For the sake of your overall well-being, it may be wise to avoid land-based casinos entirely and stick to online casinos, such as SkyCity, to satisfy your desire to game and gamble.

After the government changed New Zealand’s COVID-19 Alert Level to Level 1, the only restrictions left are border restrictions. The decision was made after the nation went more than two weeks without a new case of the coronavirus. New Zealand also reported that no active cases remained, which prompted Prime Minister Jacinda Adern to make the announcement.

It took no time at all for SkyCity Entertainment Group to announce their casinos in Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington would begin operating at full capacity and without social distancing requirements in its buildings.

This is particularly alarming for high-risk individuals who were comforted by the restrictions—restrictions that were specifically put in place to protect the people of New Zealand. Undoubtedly, a complete lockdown isn’t ideal in regards to emotional wellbeing. But is lifting restrictions so soon putting our physical well-being at risk once again? That’s precisely the question health officials all over the world are having to answer. In New Zealand, they seemingly decided that restrictions were no longer necessary to keep the risk at bay. Only time will tell if they acted too soon.