iGBAffiliate - What a journey!

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by , 22 May 2009 at 5:54 am (3304 Views)
So I thought I'd try this blog thing and see how it works :eyebrow: - Lets see

So what is happening with us at the moment - Well its been a crazy few months and loads has changed - In such a short tiem we have rebranded all our events, the magazine and launched the site [URL=""][/URL] - The iste will ultimately be the brand that will support the magazine and events and will be a place where users will be able to view videos of sessions from previous events as well as digital versions of the magazine.

As we did everything so fast though we are now re looking at it all again and shortly you should see a load of new logos again - Sorry! We also really need a brand for the events as we can't just keep using city names - What do you reckon? should we keep this or get just one central event brand?

In terms of whats coming up we just published teh latest iGB Affiliate Magazine which will be out in Affilicon and in teh post the first week of June - It is an awesome issue so if you haven't subscribed then click the iGBAffiliate link above and register - Its FREE

Next events - BAC ([URL=""][/URL]) is well underway now and with all the premium sponsors re signed plus 30 other exhibitors already booked in I am really excited, especially as Central and Eastern Europe are "so hot righte now"

We then have iGB Espana at the end of October in Madrid which will be 100% focused on the Spanish market. All the sessions will be in Spanish with live translation so perfect for the local market and teh likes of you or me. In addition with a much more low key networking and content focus this is a show I think that will really take off. Keep an eye on [URL=""][/URL] for more details - This should be live in a week or so

After that we iGB DownUnder which sees oure return to Sydney where I hope to up our numbers to 300 this year after the success we had in 08 there. Again like Madrid this is an event that is focused on networking and content supported by small expo room aimed at the Autralian market- For info on that check [URL=""][/URL] which will be live in around a month

Finally we are already sorted for Jan 2010 when we return to London for our FlagShip event that backs on to ICE - This year we had 1,600 people so maybe we could break that 2,000 mark which would be incredible! The venue is already sorted for this and its bang central right on the Thames so look out for what I think will be our best event todate.

Right back to work!

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  1. CK - Schalk's Avatar
    Good work Alex. You truly are a busy man :)

    I think this months igbAffiliate mag might be the best one ever.
  2. alexpratt's Avatar
    ha ha - I wonder why you say that :eyebrow: