The Wire Act, Online Gambling and VR in Vegas

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by , 12 January 2020 at 11:37 am (522 Views)
We're kicking off the New Year with gambling news on the Department of Justice Wire Act case involving online gambling! Discussion includes Sheldon Adelson, Joe Biden and the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. Also, Virtual Reality is taking over Las Vegas. Soon, players may be able to use VR to bring Vegas to them! Links to gambling news stories, games reviews and special offers below.

Hello friends so good to be back for 2020 after taking some time off for the holidays but enough chitchat let’s get right back into things with this week’s big story. December 20th was the deadline for the US Department of Justice to file their appeal in the Wire Act online gambling case… and they did, with about 47 minutes left before the deadline because hey, there’s nothing like waiting till the last possible moment! The DOJ still incorrectly believes that the Wire Act somehow applies to all forms of online gambling because, after all, I’m sure the Internet is exactly what Robert Kennedy had in mind when he was pushing this act back in 1961.

Now the DOJ lost round one of this epic legal battle when a Federal judge in New Hampshire said that, in fact, the Act only applies to sports betting. But the DOJ shall not be deterred from their agenda of criminalizing all interstate online gambling. In fact the DOJ has actually doubled down on their position about the Wire Act online gambling case in the appeal… basically regurgitating the same vomitous mass of arguments that they made in the first court case. I suppose they’re hoping that a new judge sees this a new way.

Of course as soon as the Department of Justice filed their appeal, the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling jumped on board… which is not terribly surprising considering that their only a mouthpiece for Sheldon Adelson. The Coalition spokesperson Jon Bruning (however the hell you pronounce it I really don’t care) well, he looked like a jackass a couple of years ago when he testified before a Congressional Subcommittee on this matter. However, it’s hard not to look stupid when Sheldon Adelson’s hand is so far up your butt he’s moving your lips and his words are just coming out of your mouth

And with the American elections coming up this year, you may be interested to know that Democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden has taken a position on the Wire Act online gambling case… and Sheldon Adelson’s not gonna like it! Biden says that he does not support unnecessary restrictions on the gaming industry like the current administration does… and if he’s elected he will reverse the decision of the DOJ that was reversed and then reverse… and the court reversed it… before they reverse the… yeah I think that’s right. At any rate you can find these stories n our website.

Hey welcome back! While I was on vacation the state of Michigan went and regulated online gambling and sports betting… those sneaky guys! No word yet on when any of this will be up and running, but the hope is that sports betting will be in place in time for March Madness.

Now let’s take a look at a brand new interview we just did with DreamLand XR to discuss virtual reality games currently in Las Vegas, and the future of VR casino games that players could be enjoying in their homes! We talked about Poker Stars VR as well as the interactive live play games at MGM Grand, The Linq and the Venetian. You can find this interview along with game reviews and new videos on our channel. While you’re there be sure to subscribe!


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    Thanks J Todd! I can't believe its back and forth with this all over again. We've been making such great progress with USA online sports betting regulation in recent years. Let's hope that this fails again as it normally does. I've made some predictions for the US online gambling market in 2020 here https://www.gamblerock.com/online-ga...g-predictions/ - It will be interesting to see how many come true before the year's complete. I've been saying VR is a 3 to 5 year play for 3 years now. So its about time for virtual reality gambling to finally take off.
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