Unusual roulette strategies: big wins and foolish disasters

Eight methods to bet at roulette and win

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by , 1 April 2016 at 7:32 am (3504 Views)
[B]Method #1 – Using your Psychic Ability (PSI)[/B]
It is quite interesting to note that you cannot beat the game by mere facts. Only by proper application, will you have the wit to make successful moves. Conversely, you can win the wheel legally by making use of PSI. This is an interesting form of investment that will help you track your funds, while keeping the fun quotient alive. PSI encourages players to focus on a specific intention. What do you wish to do? Do you want to win or lose the roulette? Are you ready for consistent changes in the game? Professional roulette players tend to maintain consistent PSI abilities during the game. In fact, you should cut down your physical demands and keep an open mind. The interface between the mind and body occurs in several ways and it would differ from one person to another.

[B]Important Tips on PSI[/B]
Based on what suits you the most, you should let go and adapt a non-caring attitude. Moving on, you should not try too hard on your chances. Sometimes, it would be wiser to stay relaxed at all times! Check what happens when you play roulette without any thoughts or needs in your mind. To be more precise, the game of roulette is more or less similar to lottery play slips. Finding what works perfect for you will require lots of time! Likewise, you should play the game over and over again without any commitments. The moment you become extremely sportive, you will know how to play around with your money. On the whole, PSI is all about using your mind to game and win like a real professional.

[B]Method #2 – Focus on Mind Control and Strong levels of Determination[/B]
Whenever you think of the roulette wheel, you should fill yourself with many thoughts other than [I]money! [/I]If money is the only thought that reflects in your mind, you will reduce your chances of winning. This is a statement declared by experienced gamblers. The roulette wheel requires lots of mental control. You should improve positive thinking and make sure your principle need is not money. Once you overcome the classic desire to win, you will improve your chances of victory!

[B]Make Sensible Goals, Let the Game come under Control[/B]
Let’s put it in different terms, you should sum your thoughts and fine tune your desires differently. As you wake up every day for a game of roulette, you should control your mind and make sensible goals. This way the universe and game will fall directly into your hands. Well, this is how most gambling games work. An awakened mind is required to scan through a world of fresh possibilities. After all, roulette is a game of chances and indispensable amounts of possibilities. Though your chances of winning cannot be predicted accurately, you will have the wit to enjoy bigger and better winnings. Conversely, your involvement in the game will increase and unconsciously you will see better chances of achieving heftier goals.

[B]Method #3 – Relying on Harmony and the Esoteric Side of the Roulette[/B]
Though the game of roulette is purely based on luck and chances, human factors should be taken into consideration. Roulette players must take into consideration many psychological rules to make successful, sensible bets. Well experienced players state that you should be strongly determined and connected to win the game. This is a human quality possessed by very few players. Above all, you should possess strong signs of moderation and a prudent sense of harmony. Only players who can blend self control with harmony and moderation will have the wit to win a game of roulette spinning.

[B]Money Versus Harmony; Payouts Versus Payoffs[/B]
This clearly proves why most people fail terribly in the field of gambling! If your commitment is [I]only [/I]to make money, you will not go a long way. Instead, you will increase your chances of losing heads down and falling badly on the roulette table. Luckily, most casinos have special ways of boasting harmony. Clever gamblers tend to rely on these methods while playing in the roulette house. When you play roulette, you should be aware of the real difference between payouts and payoffs. As you identify this difference, you will know how to hit the jackpot at all times. Additionally, roulette players must comprehend the fact that there is no bond between the way the ball spins and the wheel’s rotation. The two are totally disconnected and far apart from one another. If you are able to identify the harmony between these two, you will be a true master of the game. Experts state that this would be an idealistic difference between novice gamblers and professionals with several years of experience. Harmony in the roulette wheel will undeniably increase your chances of victory and boost your profit margin remarkably.

[B]Method #4 – Using I Ching Like a Professional[/B]
The bond between I Ching and the roulette wheel is exceptionally interesting. The system revolves around the use of three coins that can be used to generate random combinations. Generally, the combinations result in the formation of a hexagram. In reality, the three coins can be used to generate eight different possibilities. This has strong resemblance to what happens in the roulette wheel. The three figures are used to produce eight dissimilar results. I Ching has direct resemblances to the data values and sum of numbers. Consequently, the numbers can be used to represent fixed lines or other symbols with prevailing meanings. In the game of roulette, you should identify key factors that would enhance your chances of winning. In simpler terms, you must know how and when an attack should be launched. Through there is no standard principle or method to figure out this stance, you can use I Ching’s hexagram while making selections. Firstly, search for opposite sides in the hexagram. Secondly, you should figure out systems that match with I Ching. As you mix these two realities, you will know how to play with the hexagram as your base.

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