Unusual roulette strategies: big wins and foolish disasters

Roulette and casino cheats

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by , 23 November 2016 at 3:17 pm (1791 Views)
[SIZE=3]Everyone knows that cheating is a phenomenon that’s looked down on by most people. As such it’s illegal in many forms, and this goes in the case of gambling as well.

That being said though, if you happen to be particularly adept at cheating in casino games, you can stand to make a lot of money. It’s a skill in and of itself, and in some cases you must invest time and serious effort in order to attain sufficient skill levels so that you may cheat the casino.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=3] This article will analyze some of the ways in which people cheat casinos.

We’ll first mention perhaps the most popular casino game in existence – the roulette. There are various ways in which you can cheat in this game. One of them would be the so called “post posting” cheating method. This is a method with which you use the attention lapse of the croupier when he looks down at the roulette in order to see which number is the winning one. During this short time window what you need to do is change the bets so that they are now placed at the winning number. Most croupiers are aware of this cheating method and they will remain vigilant during the ending phase of the roulette spin. So only try to do this if you’re certain that you have lightning fast reflexes, and that you KNOW when the croupier’s attention is not at the betting table. Also, this method is most likely to succeed when there is a lot of action at the table, and only one croupier.


Another way in which you can cheat at the roulette is the following: you can analyze the technique with which the croupier spins the wheel. Now, most employees in casino will deny that the croupiers use any technique in spinning the wheel, maintaining that the results are totally random, but some other people don’t think that way. By careful analysis of the way the croupier spins the wheel you can extract valuable information on the probability of the ball landing on certain places. It’s been known to happen in fact that the croupier varies his technique considerably during a session so that he may prevent a person from winning consecutively. So you may indeed see a pattern in the technique which you can use for profit.

Now, about the slot machines. Many people say that there are ways in which you can cheat the slots out of money. While this is not proven, there have been some sporadic successes that have brought people consistent money out of the slots. One of them would be to analyze which slot machines are “loaded” within any given casino, and play at them, and not in the other ones. As the saying goes, there are the slot machines that are programmed to cash out more money than they take (these are the minority), and the majority of slot machines are programmed to take more than they give. Of course, use this cheating method with caution.

And of course, there’s the game of poker, a magnet for cheats of all kinds. There are so many methods with which people have cheated in poker that it isn’t even funny. Palming cards, replacing them with new ones, using cameras in order to know what the other players are holding, creating secret communication channels with other players on the table… the list goes on. These are all ways in which people have cheated in poker.

Now, cheating is wrong, and we all know it. But if you’re in dire need of money, then you just might end up using some of these techniques in order to get some money. But use them sparingly, and use them with caution. And perfect the skill.[/SIZE]