Unusual roulette strategies: big wins and foolish disasters

Roulette physics, biased wheels, computers and advantage play

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[B][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000][B]When the Biased Wheel Comes into Play![/B]
[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][SIZE=2]The game of roulette is well known for its mystifying nature. There are plenty of stories and myths to describe tacky strategies. Sometimes, it would be virtue to identify every casino’s weakness and strength. However, if you are ought to play on a biased wheel you should be much more careful. The biased wheel attack is an enticing technique that works on wheels with prudent physical imperfections. Creating a flawless machine is more or less an impossible task. This is because the roulette wheel is made of metal & wood, which is prone to the effects of wear & tear. As the rotor and the ball track get used, they will develop various imperfections. When you game on a biased wheel, you should find imperfections and track all possible positive odds. You cannot forget or neglect the wheel’s most obvious defects. Nevertheless, you can verify if the wheel’s actual and predicted odds are exceptionally far apart from one another. For instance, if the wheel gives you a number between 1 and 37, while the house pays you for values between 1 and 34; you should be prepared to game for anything that falls below 34![/SIZE][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000]

All About Visual Ballistics and Advantage Play[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
Visual Ballistics is a new yet famous version of the Advantage Play methods. It is a game that revolves around physics much more than maths. The Advantage Play doesn’t focus on dealer’s spin rhythms or the wheel’s physical flaws. Instead, it is based on the trajectory of the ball once it gets launched. The final bets in a game of roulette cannot be made till the ball gets into its spin perfectly. However, gamblers who engage in visual ballistics rely on the ball’s and wheel’s velocity. These gamers are also known as Advantage players. Scientifically, the gamer is allowed to make predictions based on precise observations and not numerical calculations. Moving on, visual ballistics has gained utmost levels of fame among live casino players. It is not apt for online gamblers. This is because the game’s real output will depend on the video’s clarity, the viewing medium and the internet’s speed. Streamers with better internet connections will find the live means of transmission useful. However, if you have virtual complications, the game’s ultimate results will be affected severely. This is why you should engage in [I]Advantage Play[/I] only during live roulette spinning sessions.

[SIZE=4][B][COLOR=#ff0000]Using Roulette Computers [/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]
On the other hand, many live casino gamblers tend to make use of Roulette computers before placing a bet! These are special electronic devices that can be hidden and used during the game. The device is customized to predict where the ball would fall after a spin. The landing position is determined based on the ball’s speed and deceleration. Unlike manual computations, Roulette computers are designed to make accurate predictions. In fact, experienced gamblers consider this as one of the most reliable ways of identifying the final landing position.

[SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000][B]A fortune everyday![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Gamblers who rely on Roulette computers will certainly make a fortune every day. However, this is something that draws the attention of all casino owners! Unfortunately, the accuracy of Roulette computers would differ from one to another. The accuracy is determined by the hit rate. In an ideal situation, the computer should increase your chance of winning by 120%. Nonetheless, most casinos don’t like players who rely on Roulette computers. Though the use of these hidden devices is legal, if the casino suspects you using this device, you will be sent out immediately. To be more precise, you might [I]even [/I]be banned from playing in the casino.

[SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000][B]Be aware of Roulette Computer Scams[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Meanwhile, remember that there are many roulette computer scams. As potential players you should steer clear of these fake machines. If a website promises you the town’s best roulette machine at 50 USD, you should not be a part of the scam! Likewise, if a vendor promises you many unbelievable benefits, you should think twice and do lots of homework. Learn more about the vendor, the site’s online reputation and its roulette devices. When you know all that you should, make a buy! Remember that [I]end of the day [/I]you will use the roulette computer to game with hardcore, hard earned cash.

[SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000][B]The Ultimate Science Alias Physics Behind Roulette Wheels![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
On the whole, there are many methods by which you can bet the roulette wheel. From computers to predictions, there are many techniques to crack the challenging game. The most recent inclusion into the roulette wheel industry would be the use of microcontrollers. These are special analog circuits that can be used to calibrate dynamic roulette algorithms. Based on the output generated by these devices, you can predict the rational output of your roulette wheel. If you are an experienced roulette gamer, you will certainly find the use of these microcontrollers adventurous, enticing and fascinating.
Of course, over the past few years, many different techniques have being devised to help gamblers. Technology has grown extensively to support you with the game of roulette. It just requires some thought and energy in picking the right strategy at the right time! Conversely, remember to check if the use of technology is valid in the casino you are ought to game. This is a small check that will save you from unnecessary embarrassments. As mentioned previously, the use of technology in many casinos is not legally approved and most casinos consider the use of technology for making predictions as absurd and unethical, resulting in refusing to pay your winnings or a worldwide ban from casinos or even in jail time.
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