Unusual roulette strategies: big wins and foolish disasters

Welcome to the New Age of Gamblers!

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by , 30 April 2016 at 6:35 am (3062 Views)
Like the Casinos on the Strip of yesteryear, the great casinos of today are fighting tooth and nail do draw the casual holiday gambler – and the high-rolling free-wheelers of the heyday within their doors, to liberate as much cash from the players and would-be players as possible. But there is a difference in the air, and even the big players like Caesar’s and MGM realize the competition to bring down the whales is arguably less of importance than converting the online card game player (Can you say Poker Stars or any other of that ilk) into revenue streams by dragging them off the computer gambling mills, and converting them to table-top card game players for real. While it does not seem too high a percentage, even a four to six percent conversion could mean real-dollars increases in the tens of thousands of dollars per week range.


With that in mind, consider the kinds of Three-Card- Monty shuffle games that are happening, even at the lower tier of consideration. Get a hotel discount at this hotel, or this many dollars in free ‘action’ if you sign up for a tournament, or play at specific cash tables during your stay. Have your room comped when you put so many thousands of dollars across the board for craps or baccarat. The list of the trade-offs grows daily, but the bigger question is how much does that conversion really net for the casinos.

It will be seen over time, but it is probably the social media impact that has yet to be experienced, and which will come to fruition over the next couple of years.

Between the very clever “out your nosy friends’ campaign by the Vegas Visitor’s Bureau, socially shaming those who would ‘tattle ‘ on friends violating social mores in Vegas, to the sheer number of security cameras that can arguably do an even better job than the shame, to the local politicians that have to dance the light politic to remain in office, there is a lot of stop-loss going on in Sin City, and probably all over the gambling world, hoping to keep players returning, as well as capturing new market share from the emerging youth market. The truth is, new eyeballs and new foot traffic costs money, and it is the trail of the money that is fascinating to observe.

Beyond the traditional bounds of gambling games like Roulette and Craps, beyond even the card games like Baccarat and Poker, are non-traditional card games, of the Trading Card variety, that are the real breeding grounds for the future of gambling. Yu-Gi-Oh! As well as Magic: the Gathering, not only teach kids the basic tenets of card-counting and statistics analysis, also teaches the player not only how to cheat, but how to avoid getting caught, and that is where the traditional casinos have their work cut out for them.

Though in a professional gambling environment the players don’t get afforded the possibility to manipulate the playing decks directly, the very thought of tracking the values of a six-card shoe are far more difficult for a computer-environment player than for a street-wise Trading Card Game (TCG) veteran. And the winners from one form shift freely to other forms, blurring further the lines between who is a veteran, and who is a commoner.

Has your experience put you in the same environment as an inveterate online gambler, or a Trading Card Game veteran who has switched to the more traditional gambling games? What has been your personal experience?

Right or wrong, the new wave of gamblers aren’t just going to wander in randomly, and start giving away their money. They learned what they needed either on the computer or on the street, and like it or not, they are coming to play. So ante up, start to learn their ‘tells’, but realize these aren’t just young kids that come to be taken; some of them are coming to do the taking. It means a far more interesting group at the local cash table or in the local mid-range tournament. They have seriously come to play, and at your favorite casino, to boot. Learn to play the game with them, or be prepared to leave your money on the table.
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