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by , 17 July 2009 at 11:23 am (2549 Views)
A few weeks back I did a rant on the forum about affiliate programs and managers, I did a blog post here asking is stupidity a job requirement and other GPWA members have also put up posts questioning the state of this industry and with good justification.

But you know its not all bad, I can see both sides and if I am quick to rant about the negative then I should be just as quick to rant about the positive.

The gambling industries certainly has had its woes thats for sure, for American resident it is certainly an even tougher business than it was just a few years back and all this has been well documented.

But it is not hard to search out the positives.

The GPWA is certainly a positive, is it perfect? in my opinion no, but its still a damn fine organization that is here to support us affiliates and for me one of the very best.

The AGD is another site that is tremendously positive and does a hell of a lot of good work, the current polls testify to that, is the AGD perfect, again no in my opinion, there is areas for improvement but that does not take away from the awesome they do.

The Casinomesieter website, not somewhere I have joined and am unlikely to do so for personal reasons but as a protector for players it is virtually unrivaled.

There are many more organizations I could mention, like the APCW, GIA, GAP(the original one) PAL, CAL and others that I have not mentioned that all do a fantastic job protecting players and affiliates alike.

For protection, for recourse, for advice, for solutions there are more than enough places for players and affiliates to seek out help when required.

So one or two bad scandals on this side of the fence, the players and affiliates side, are more than compensated for by the good guys, not many other industries from what I have seen have so many watchdogs looking out for us.

What about affiliate programs, yes we had Grand Prive, yes we are having more and more predatory terms enacted and yes there are always sneaky little tricks being pulled by programs, but there are loads and loads out there that are as straight as they come.

Rewardsaffiliates run by the Lovely Renee is a shining example, Wagerprofits before AND after Shaun was with them, my favourite Expect (alas no good for USA facing portals) and many others run highly efficient and professional programs with helpful staff and good clean affiliate programs.

There are many more as I said but naming everyone will just invite feedback on examples were they may have strayed etc and thats not what I am wanting out of this post, this post is to show that it is not all bad.

If you lined up 50 respected affiliates from the GPWA and they were all asked to name their top 10 most trustworthy and ethical program I would be prepared to bet at least 50 separate programs would be nameD.

50 good and respected programs or for argument sake lets say it was just 40 or 30 is still more than enough to run a successful business.

Add that with the amount of protection we have on offer from the above named services and websites and the picture does start to look rosier.

I am the first to admit that this is putting a rosy spin on this industry and it is but that does not mean what I have said is not correct.

There are many bad organizations or organizations that could do better (ecogra springs to mind), there are bad programs and there are bad affiliates but I believe there are far more on the good side and that must be a positive.

Times have changed and the weak programs and websites react badly and that has become more apparent and we will always have the scammers and thieves and the unethical, but we will also always have good programs, good managers, good watchdogs and good affiliates.

They are there for us to see.

I for one just need to open my eyes.
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