Why the hell would anyone live in Norway?

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by , 12 July 2009 at 12:34 am (4796 Views)
Let's face it Norway is damn cold, it's bloody expensive and the gambling laws by European standards are draconian, so why am I moving back there in December.

The short answer is that Norway, if you put aside the expense and weather, is simply the very best place on planet earth to live in, in my humble opinion.

Now my family and I lived in Norway throughout 2006, my youngest son was born there and so we do have some limited experience of the Nordic way of life and it is based on that personal experience and memories that we have decided to return.

The education system we found to be second to none, now naturally I have no idea what the education system is like in say Mozambique, Chile, Thailand or almost 98% of countries throughout the world, my comparisons are against the UK, Spain and Malta.

Anywhere compared to the UK where body armour, an Uzi and a mini militia are required will come out looking good I agree, but Spain and in particular Malta do have excellent systems with good teachers and high standards, but even they pale in comparison to Norway.

Norway is a very rich country and can pump fortunes in to their education facilities and from what we have seen they have, almost everyone speaks fluent English and if you were to ask our children to choose where they were happiest in school they choose Norway without hesitation.

The second most important criteria for us is Medical facilities and in this area they excel, our youngest was born there as I stated above and he was the first of my many children where mummy enjoyed her whole stay in a private room, not paid for, just standard.

We have a need as a family to utilize hospital facilities more often than most and every time we have done, it involves private rooms, double beds for parents, balconies, babies welcomed to stay, cooking facilities, TV, Free Internet, Free Telephone, the works.

Now we don't pay for all this, it is apparently standard and when one considers that Norway is a non EU country and yet we as English citizens and EU members and still get it all free we find that very refreshing.

In fact we pay €2400 a month for a particular medicine in the EU, we are only allowed this particular medicine free in the UK, it is one of those on a list that exempts EU countries from providing to other EU residents because of its expense, but not in Norway, In Norway they hand it out free to EU residents, bloody strange but very welcomed.

And of course the level of care we have found to be of the highest standard and considering how often we have the need to utilize these services we do have some experience and comparisons to base that opinion on.

So in terms of Medical and education facilities and standards, Norway just reigns supreme.

There is a down side, it gets cold, so cold that probably only a few people on this planet can understand, people that live in Siberia, Alaska and so on, I mean come on minus 30 on occasions, that should be damn illegal.

But as long as you respect the weather, dress right and take the necessary steps to keep the property warm at all times and so forth it is only a minor pain in the ass.

That said I am a smoker and so having to stand outside for a cigarette takes some doing, always check how many fingers you have when you come back inside, you just never know.

Talking of smoking, it costs approx $12 for a packet of cigarettes in Norway, same price for a pint of beer, a burger in a pub costs about $15, even at the local supermarket it costs an arm and a leg to feed the family, cheap it aint.

In 2006 I went to the pub to watch England V Sweden in the world cup, that one night out cost me $300, though it did include a night in a hostel as I could not drink otherwise due to driving, but even so, $300 for one night out and I did not even get drunk, just watched a god damn footy game that we did not even win!

Suffice to stay all future games were watched at home.

But when everything is weighed up, the people, the facilities, the beauty of the country, safety and security it far outweighs the weather and cost of living and anyway we will save money from get go on medical requirements which offsets the cost of ,living and we simply love the snow.

So the decision has been made, December we move and we cannot wait, we love Malta but Norway is the place we miss the most, its our Youngest's land of birth and we just see it as home and the time has now come for us to go home and to settle once and for all.

Then I can start writing that book I always wanted to do, but thats a whole other story.
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  1. casinochipsj's Avatar
    just watch games on or

    Norway sounds cool. I would like to visit
  2. Doolally's Avatar
    I worked and lived in Norway (Stavanger) for a few months back in 2005. Fantastic place!

    Yes, it's expensive, but it's more than compensated for by its beauty, people (most of them) and chilled out way of life!

    Stavanger was one of the few cities that I have wandered about in and never felt like I shouldn't be in this part of town.

    A lovely country and I can see the attraction of moving back there.

    Good luck and remember to invite us all over for a holiday!!
  3. Betpartners's Avatar
    Tickets now purchased to London for 1st December, now need to sort out ferries to Esbjerg (denmark) and then ferry from Hirstal(denmark) to Larvik (norway).

    Rockbetjohn, can watch the games free on TV but never the same atmosphere is it, you need the sing alongs, the banter and all that goes with it.

    Doolally, anytime you want, i also know what you mean re stavanger, i felt 100% safe in Trondheim, Orkanger and other places.

    Though when i stood outside our property for a cigarette we were surrounded by trees and all i could think of was blair witch project, smoking is not an easy habit in Norway thats for sure.
  4. Deaddog's Avatar
    Lucky you, if your moving to Larvik, it's so far south that it hardly even snows. A great place! I moved here 10 years ago from California and have no plans on going back. I do agree with you on the medical, it is fantastic to not have to worry about medical expenses, (except for the dentist and botox it's all covered). We'll have to meet up for a pint someday. Goodluck with the move, if you need any tips just send me a PM.
  5. Betpartners's Avatar
    Nah, Larvik is a just were the ferry will land from Denmark, we then will head up to Trondheim area which as you will know is up north and damn cold in winters.

    And yeah if we are ever in the same area i will be more than happy to have a pint with you
  6. gero9mo's Avatar
    WOW - I wonder how much this would be worth in one of our tourist guides. I am nothing but honored by the kind words about my country. And that you state some of the issues we have with costs and everything, shows that you see both parts - a lot is cool, but the weather is colder hehe

    What makes this even more interesting is that you mention Orkanger and Trondheim.

    I my self live in Trondheim, but i grew up in Orkanger (Fannrem actually hehe). I still haver my mom, sisters and step-father living on the "countryside" as we say it here in Trondheim

    Hola if you are in Trondheim for a beer one day (or just driving by), i will be more than happy to join you and talk about gambling stuff wich we both obviously are in the business of

    Thanks again for the kind words about Norway.
  7. Betpartners's Avatar
    Hi gero9mo

    I know Fannrem quite well, had my car repaired there is fact, opposite the Pizza restaurant just a few hundreds metres down from the petrol station.

    And as you know thats the birth place of the legendary Rosenborg manager Nils Arne Eggen, i saw a documentary on him in fact last time i was over there.

    I would watch the horse trotting round the back while i waited, was cool.

    You must know the threelions pub in trondheim then run by Dougie, is there a better football pub anywhere? an awesome place.

    I will be going there regulary be assured and we are all betting people in there and so yeah would be great, drop me a PM with your details and when i end up there in December the first time i go to the threelions i will give you a call.

    One final thing which you may be able to help me with, i saw a film last time i was there about a bunch of Norwegian mechanics who went to the world cup in germany and Norway won it lol

    Classic film, do you know the name of it?
  8. gero9mo's Avatar
    Yeah, "Nøsen" i think the name of the company opposite the "Pappas Pizza" is, they (Nøsen) opened there a few years after i moved from Fannrem.

    Nils Arne was trainer for us kids when i was 7-9 years old. He had to stop though, as he was as "eager" when he talked to us kids, as he was for older players hehe. A true legend he is, at least here in Norway

    Rosenborg almost made a fool out of themselves tonight btw. They only managed a draw (0-0) against Karabakh from Aserbadjan tonight (Europe League - Qual..). They will get a hard task in Aserbadjan...aiaiaiaiai

    threelions is the place to go for all champions league games and other matches so i am there from time to time. I look forward to meet up and chat. PM coming up with phone and adress

    The film - i can help you with

    Name: Lange flate ballær

    A second film has also been made:

    Updated 16 July 2009 at 4:43 pm by gero9mo
  9. Betpartners's Avatar
    Yeah thats the film, and they made a second, fantastic news, will be buying that as soon as i get out there.

    Funny as hell that film, especially the half time team talk lol

    I am a Valernga supporter sorry to say and not Rosenborg, strange i know considering Rosenborg are the local team.

    Nøsen, i think you are right, they are a shop at the front selling like mechanical items, though i also did buy a fire place from then also and a battery charger, but they had the mechanical shop at the back.

    Thanks for the PM and i look forward to that drink or two
  10. CocoChanels's Avatar
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