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by , 29 August 2020 at 4:17 pm (510 Views)
Hello GPWA!

Most of you know me pretty well as I've been a GPWA member since 2002.

For anyone that doesn't know me, my name is Benjamin Ogden aka Big Fish on gpwa.

I was one if the iGaming industry's first couple of leading search engine optimization specialists starting internet gambling market SEO full time in the early 2000's time period.

Over the years I've developed a large network of websites for myself with lots of niche sites in the online gambling industry as well as niche websites in web hosting, blogging / social media industries.

Most recently, I launched to share my search engine experience on the website with free SEO tips and professional digital marketing services.

I'm also offering a managed SEO service to help small business to achieve local SEO success.

Affiliates and digital marketers can learn all kinds of useful tips and SEO techniques that I've personally crafted in my lifetime as an SEO in this business such.

I'm happy and able to provide SEO to enterprise clients as well.

Please have a look around and let me know what you think.

Thanks a lot everyone for your thoughts an feedback!

FWI, the managed SEO services payment system is not integrated yet, but the site is live with lots of useful search engine optimization (SEO) information helpful to affiliate marketing strategies in 2020.

I'll be putting up a WooCommerce system that will allow people to subscribe to my services right on the website.

It's not cheap so you know, but the value I deliver will exceed far beyond the cost of the investment.

I'm charging $1,000 per month for a fully customized SEO plan and full service execution with a white glove service.

It really is a big opportunity & rather rare chance to hire an search engine optimization specialist with 20 years industry specific SEO to formulate the perfect strategy from.

Feel free to message me here on GPWA if you're interested in discussing further.

Best regards and much success!

Benjamin Ogden