Adsence Vs. Affiliate

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by , 25 June 2012 at 5:42 pm (951 Views)
[QUOTE=casinorecommender;691627][B]AdSense[/B] :

[B][COLOR=green]+'s[/COLOR][/B] : Less formalities.
Easy money withdrawing directly to your bank.

[B][COLOR=red]-'s[/COLOR][/B] : Requires high traffic to earn high.
Advertisement blindness of the readers can cause you earn less so you have to spend much time for trial & error.

[B]Affiliation[/B] :

[B][COLOR=green]+'s[/COLOR][/B] : Even 1 player can make you earn 5 digit commission!
Lifetime revenue! even if you close your site that generated the referral(s)

[B][COLOR=red]-'s[/COLOR][/B] : Even low traffic can make you earn much.
More time consuming on affiliate manager relations and terms.
Money withdrawal (commission) methods may be limited.

[U]Choice is yours but my recommendation is :[/U]

[SIZE=3][COLOR=red][B]Combine both[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3] ! [I]Use AdSense in the blogs and long worded content. And use affiliation links/banners on the strategical and critical information pages.[/I][/SIZE][/QUOTE]
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