What it Takes to start a Sports Service Website

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by , 22 May 2011 at 2:16 pm (1963 Views)
Many people think that it's an entirely easy process to go out and create a website. What they don't understand is the entire logic structure and functionality that has to be determined to ensure that the website works properly. When creating Coopers site it took months longer than anticipated due to trying to figure out the over all logistics of the sports website.

Do you let users purchase betting picks on every page? What pages to create, how to add additional pages, where do you want the additional pages to show up, where do you get your live feeds from, do you add nhl hockey picks, horse racing, and UFC ? How do users receive their service plays? Via email, telephone, text, or do they login. If they login do they have to register?

I guess you probably catch my drift of just some of the small questions and problems that you may expect to run into. Also remember that once you launch your site even with a hefty marketing budget do not expect to get a lot of sales on day 1. You need to do a lot of testing to find errors on your website as well as look for loopholes that may leave your site vulnerable to hackers (always back up your data).

It should take a couple years to really see a nice return on in your investment between seo services and time because if your putting in picks everyday you may wait sometime until you actually see a person purchase it. When we launched our sports service we waited a long time with a lot of effort before we started to really see a strong return on our investment. Now that the affiliate game is getting shaky I would best advise anybody trying to enter the sports handicapping market to stay out and not waste their time unless they really know what they are doing and have a few years to wait because it's not easy nor is it quick money. Sorry for the brutal reality.
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