Comparison between two very popular bookmakers

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by , 3 March 2020 at 7:03 am (259 Views)
Bet365 is the most popular bookmaker in the world, but in Germany, Austria and large parts of Eastern Europe - Bet-at-home is king. Let's compare these two to try to see what makes them so popular and what are the similarities between them.


First of all, let's see how are these two bookmakers similar, as they obviously know the recipe for dominating markets.

Well, they're recreational bookmakers. They don't offer very good odds, usually 1.86-1.86 or 1.83-1.83 on two-sided bets, which is rather poor. However, that doesn't seem to be an issue for millions of players - not in the least.

Both of these bookmakers are an image of reliability. They haven't had any scandals or changes in T&Cs over the years, and it's obvious that that kind of predictability and reliability resonates with players. They want the bookmaker to be the same all the time.

Customer support is very helpful in both cases, and this only adds to the reliability. You just feel safe when you deposit money with either of these bookmakers.

Both brands are household names that advertise on TV. Bet-at-home is better regarding ads.


Bet-at-home doesn't actually have any special features, they used to have live streaming but shut it down a few years back as they couldn't compete with Bet365. One thing they do have is their reliable welcome bonus that's usually 100 but at the moment it's 50% up to 200. They give away 5 no deposit vouchers often, which plays a huge role in the Eastern European market.

Bet365 are focused on being an entertainment centre. They got live streaming, cash out, bet builder, request a bet, live betting, bonuses for combo tickets. No other bookmaker is as entertaining, and the only thing that's missing are the special bets such as those that Betfair Sports offers. Bet365 is an expert in retaining players.


Both of these brands spent a decade or more to build their audience, and during that time they haven't made a single mistake. That allowed them to grow. It's clear players want reliability, don't want change, especially not in T&Cs.

More info on both bookmakers (in Croatian language):
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