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by , 8 July 2011 at 8:21 am (2200 Views)
So this year I decided to play the annual Canadian Chess Open which is held in Toronto this year. This a 9 round match where games start everyday at 6PM, except the last two games which start at 2pm and 10am on the final day: Dates: July 9 - 17th. If your interested in checking out the pdf format of the rounds and happenings of the event please READ THIS as it provides some good infos.

My first match starts tomorrow (Saturday July 9th, 6pm) and I must say I have not prepared one bit. They way I see it, if I spent a couple of hundred hours preparing I would be disappointed if I did not win. I stopped playing in competitive chess in 2004 when my brother passed away and decided I could no longer play for personal reasons. However after 7 long years of not playing in one single event I have decided to return to the game and just have as much fun as possible and remember certain moments I had of my brother who was very well known in Canadian Chess and was an International Master.

Anyhow on Sunday (round 2) the game starts at 6pm as usual - however I have also entered the Canadian Open Blitz Tournament which starts at 12 noon. These games are very rapid. Both players have 5 minutes each on their clocks and the game must end within that period of time. The game can be lost if you run out of time so these are very fast games and I have a feeling I could well in this event since I love speed games.

The amount of energy needed for these events is astronomical - you would be surprised how important it is to get enough sleep and eat extremely well and exercise is for such an event. It is extremely stressful playing over the board and I often have to take a few breaks and walk around as the mind can only take so much calculating - but at the same time its very rewarding!

For those of you who understand chess and the move structure - I will post my games in this blog daily for everyone to play out if they wish, and I will try and give some insight into what i was thinking at the time of the moves in key positions.

If anyone lives close by T.O. would like to meet up for some lunch or wants to visit the tournament your welcome to post in here or pm me and we can set something up. Or if you have any other questions do not hesitate to let me know!

I may or may not have pictures as well of the event and stories - I will try and throw in some entertainment as every chess tournament has its entertaining moments ( Lots of chess players drink allot).

Ok so until tomorrows round 1 game - wish me luck!!

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  1. Anthony's Avatar
    Good Luck!! Looking forward to hearing about your victories!
  2. GFPC's Avatar
    Thanks Anthony - yeah me too - I may be paired down or up depending because I am rated in the middle - so its possible I play the strong player or weak player. Either way a win is a win is a win. :-)
  3. GFPC's Avatar
    just in case your interested in Chess and Poker similarities I have a nice article on one of my sites.

  4. ColinA's Avatar
    good luck Steve

    Pitty we wont ge tot see you in Niagara this year mate!
  5. GFPC's Avatar
    [QUOTE=ColinA;bt881]good luck Steve

    Pitty we wont ge tot see you in Niagara this year mate![/QUOTE]

    Thanks Colin for wishing me luck. I may need it! :-) - Excited to be back in the action.
    People dont think chess can give you a rush but it does.. :-)

    See if i can get some pics of me playing..
  6. GFPC's Avatar
    RD 1 in 4 hours! Feeling the pressure of it. I am in 11th position in my section and should play number 46 how is about 200 pts below me so I should win - even though I have not played a game in seven years :-)


    results will be posted here

  7. GFPC's Avatar
    game 1 I lost due to a blunder on 49 - game is here - [url][/url]

    Round due won by forfeit.. LOL

    So going into round 3 with 1 -1.