2 new and interesting casinos

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by , 17 April 2014 at 2:17 pm (2904 Views)
There have been 2 online casinos that launched recently that are sure to get the attention of players and perhaps some affiliates too.

These casinos are Bitcoin casino and Casino Saga.

Obviously as the name suggests Bitcoin Casino is all about bitcoins. The other casino: Casino Saga is a RPG type of game where your advancements are based on your slots play.

[B]Bitcoin Casino[/B]

This casino uses only bitcoins for depositing and withdrawing. Although it seems tempting to try there are some warning flags to note that include the casino has no gaming license and their domain expires December, 2014. Yes only 7 months away this casino hasn't updated their domain renewal date almost to suggest they don't play to be here for longer.

[B]Casino Saga[/B]

What happens when you take addictive RPG games and merge it with addictive slots? You get pure addiction. This might be the most addictive online casino ever invented but it could be also fun to play too.


First casino play at your own risk. However Casino Saga is probably a legit casino to try. Casino Saga has netent casino games and licensed in Malta and it looks very good.
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