Betting on the World Cup

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by , 14 May 2014 at 10:57 am (2450 Views)
The World Cup is the biggest betting event on the planet and for many players that means either winning a lot or losing just as much. What players will be most interested in are betting tips for those that actually follow tips and sitting back and letting the bookmakers throw their offers at you to get you to bet with them.


If you are a new player then this is the best time of the year to pick a sportsbook. On top of signup bonuses, many will have bonuses for all players. At they have a dedicated World Cup section which covers all the bonuses players can take advantage of.

You can follow their blog and social media account to find out what is happening at that very moment.

Who do you think will win the world cup 2014?

You can answer that question in the gpwa poll here
or place your bet on any bookmaker.

A quick look at the teams that will be most talked about:

They are sending a younger squad in and perhaps this is an attempt to send an inexperienced squad to lower expectations, reduce the pressure on the team and let them young players gain valuable experience.

They are a favorite because they are Brazil and the hometeam. Many star players were left off of this squad but Neymar is their go to guy.

They won the last 3 major tournaments and are probably the favorites to win. Their striker Diego Costa could be the star of the tournament.

Maybe questions in the striker roles but they are a solid team in every position.

Will Super Mario show up?

Any Dutch football team is always a threat

This team is stacked aside from Lionel Messi.