California Sports Betting Discussion

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by , 10 December 2019 at 1:38 am (636 Views)
This week’s show explains the working of the new California sports betting proposal from Native American gaming interests. Tribes in the state have initiated a push for regulated the activity, and the legislature has set up a date to review the idea! Tribal gaming would like the state to legalize betting on sports, so long as the bets are placed in their casinos. We also have sports betting news from the NBA.

Hello my friends and welcome to This Week in Gambling our last show before we take a break for the Thanksgiving holiday. This week we find that California gambling expansion is back in the headlines only this time it’s about sports betting not online poker.

This week’s big story finds that 18 Native American tribes in California are calling for an amendment to the state constitution that would allow California sports betting. The California Sports Wagering Regulation and Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act is quite a mouthful… That’s what she said! But but the act may just allow the legalization and regulation of sports betting to be put before the voters in the 2020 elections.

In a state that already has horse-racing, the lottery, card rooms and casinos you would think that gambling expansion would be simple and straightforward… but not so fast! We’re also talking about the same state that can’t seem to get its **** together when it comes to online poker! Attempts to regulate internet poker in California have failed miserably for over a decade now… Why?

Well, ironically it’s because of those same Native American tribes that are now pushing for sports betting reform in the state! So what the hell?? As is the case with most of these things it’s all about the Benjamins my friends! Everyone wants the biggest piece of the pie that they can get… and not just the Tribes! No No! The racetracks and the card rooms too… Oh, and let’s not forget about the government!

Native American gaming in California view online gambling as a potential threat to their revenue… which I totally disagree with. They also view sports betting as a potential gateway into online gambling… Which I totally do agree with. That is why they want to control sports betting… That is why they brought this proposal before the state themselves… And that is why they want all sports betting in the state to take place in their casinos… not… NOT online!

At any rate, the California Legislature set a tentative date of November 20th to hear testimony in Los Angeles, so we’re gonna have to keep an eye on this one, because make no mistake about it… whatever happens in the most populated state in America will definitely have a ripple effect across the entire country.

We do have a brand new game review to share with you this week from our friends at AGS… It’s the Fa Cai Shu family of slot games which includes Eastern dragon and Spring Lion, among other titles. Delivered on their Orion Slant Cabinet, the games come with multipliers, wilds, progressives and free spins. You can watch this review by visiting our YouTube channel, or by following the link in the description of this video.

Finally this week, California wasn’t the only place making sports betting headlines. The National Basketball Association has agreed to play their first ever regular-season game… in France! The Charlotte Hornets and the Milwaukee Bucks will play there on January 24th, and in keeping with the rich tradition and history of the French both teams have agreed to forfeit the game, surrender, and walk off the court.

Sounds massively entertaining. Don’t forget I’m off next week for Thanksgiving! Have a good one!


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