Coronavirus May Lead to Cashless Casinos

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by , 25 June 2020 at 4:08 pm (495 Views)
When the world went on lock-down over the Coronavirus, few would have imagined it leading to cashless casinos. But that is precisely what the [URL=""]American Gaming Association[/URL] is asking state regulators to consider.

Recently, the group released a report called Payments Modernization Policy Principles which looks at the integration of cashless options for players on casino floors. According to the AGA, enabling payment choice allows casino customers the ability to supplement cash with safe and secure digital payment options on the casino floor.

This not only improves responsible gaming efforts by equipping customers with digital tools to help them monitor their gaming and set limits, but also provides operators, regulators, and law enforcement increased transparency into matters of anti-money laundering and monitoring of financial transactions.

You can read more about the possibility of cashless casinos in our future at [URL=""]This Week in Gambling[/URL].