Florida Sports Betting & Tribal Gaming Trouble

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by , 9 June 2021 at 2:45 pm (404 Views)

[SIZE=4]Why do we care about [URL=""]Florida sports betting[/URL] and Seminole Tribe agreement?
Because Tribal casinos are in 30 states and growing!
And because Tribal Gaming has a growing presence in Las Vegas![/SIZE][/CENTER]

This week's [URL=""]gambling news[/URL] takes us to Florida, the third largest state in America by population. So what happens down there could affect gambling all across the country. That said, you may remember that sports betting legislation just passed in Florida when an agreement was reached between the governor’s office and the Seminole Tribe.

Enter the [URL=""]Mayor of Miami Beach[/URL] who wants the federal government to step in and kill this deal before it ever gets started. The mayor says this new agreement is corrupt… the mayor says this new agreement was hijacked by non-tribal interests… which begs the question: Is this the mayor’s first day in politics?

Honestly, it seems that the mayor of Miami Beach may simply be an idiot. Not my words, but the governor’s words. The governor went on to challenge the mayor to point out exactly which parts of the agreement were ‘corrupt’, and which parts of the agreement had been ‘hijacked’.

While we wait for the mayor to respond and for federal approval of Florida’s new sports betting legislation, let's remember that [URL=""]Connecticut[/URL] is also waiting for federal approval on their sports betting agreement with tribal casinos in that state. And Tribal Gaming issues in [URL=""]New York[/URL] may cause issues for mobile sports betting there.